Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Their are certain steps that must be followed to register a website, firstly you have to choose an independent and unique domain name, it is usually a good idea to go for a for a domain name that represents the type of product or industry you operate in. Suppose your company is web & hosting Ltd and you are internet service provider you then have the choice of "web-and-hosting.co.xyz", or "internet-service-provider.co.xyz" but the question is How do you choose an effective name? This is a name that is going to be connected with your business forever so it is important to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your choice. Do remember, the older a website, the more credibility it has within the search engines, so you cannot afford to come back later and change it.

Domain name should be relevant to your business and easy to remember, It should reflect the keywords of the industry it operates , a sensible and pertinent choice is great because there is a balance, in fact it has been suggested that Google prefer two word domains, and we would certainly not recommend more than three. Also it is important where a string could become tricky to spell and be careful that you choose words that are easy and unambiguous to spell and understand which helps optimization program and your searchers have more than 50% chance of getting it wrong. For registering a website your hosting company should be able to register your domain name for you, and it is probably best to keep it all together if you can, domains are registered for either one or five years, and then need to be renewed depends of hosting providers service. There are possibility to buy an exisiting expired domain name also, the domain name you want is already registered but is available for sale, you are impatient and want a website that already has a page rank.

A website is a vital marketing tool for all type businesses whether its small/mid or large, choosing a domain name for your website is just the first of many equally important decisions you will need to make before your website becomes a reality. The value of this all above steps will make other decisions further along the line so much easier and clearer and marketing for Profits can help you choose your domain name, their extensive marketing knowledge and experience will ensure that you confidently make the right choice.