Thursday, 2 August 2012

Steps About Domain Registration Prociess

Step-1- What is a Domain? :: 

Domain names are unique web address’s presented to you when you sign-up with any domain and web hosting service. A register domain is a way to identify and locate computers and resources connected to the Internet. No two organizations can have the same website domain names each one has to be different from the other.

Every company or organization, that wants to be on the Internet will have to register a website domain name for their use as a on-line identity.

Step-2- Choose Your Domain carefully ::

Make sure when choosing a register domain name for your business or personal website, it will be something easy for people to remember, why you ask?

Simple, The shorter you make your Register Domain for your web address the easier it will be for people not only to remember it but! the quicker people can find your website, and that’s good for business.

The most common domain extensions are stick with ether one of these domain file extension – .com – .net, because they are the most recognized on the Internet today.

Step-3- Setting up and registering your domain ::

The first thing you need to do is find a reliable domain register service, although there are many to choose from I only present the services I’ve used in the past and know from experience of domain registration India services.

Choose a domain name- After finding a domain provider you are confordable with you are now ready to pick a domain name register for your business or personal website.
You will be provided with a SEARCH box were you can type in a register website domain name you desire. Please keep in mind you can choose any domain name as long as it is available if not you will be given other options also available.

Once you have chosen and are happy with the domain name you will be taken to the check-out were you will be ask to enter your personal Information and credit card number, to purchase your Register website.

Your almost done – After this process is done you will have registered your domain for a full year and can now move on to the next step, setting up your hosting and start building the process. Here is my How-to setup your self hosting

What you get when you choose India Domain Registration Domains ::

1- Domains name: Your very own custom domain for a full year

2- Email account: Each account comes with a email management system

3- Site-builder: Site-building tools also available

Everything you need to get on-line – FREE! with your “Domain Registration

Domain Registration ::Domain Registration India is very reliable and one of the best domain hosting companies around the world, you can register your domain.