Thursday, 21 June 2012

Guideline About How To Register A Domain Name

If you are new to the internet business world and question comes in your mind is how to register a domain ? Or just registered a domain name or are trying to and can't get what you wanted? there are many several ways to get the domain name you were looking for. The main purpose of domain names is to create addresses that are easier to remember and use other than numbers, domain names are user-friendly forms of Internet addresses and are commonly used to identify and find websites. The last count of websites in 2007 was over 12.8 million and this number is growing in a huge amount annually, industry experts predict that over 3000 million domains will become active annually within the next ten years. Consider countries like India and China who are rapidly bringing their massive populations online, domain names are registered on a first-come, first-served basis and many domain names available from extensions like .com or .net .org will soon be exhausted.

However, unless the name you have chosen is really quite unclear, it seems that you can never get exactly what you want as someone else has nearly always domain registration it first, instead you may have to opt for  choose to add other keywords which just add to the length of the name. Using this form of URL to direct potential customers is hardly professional, for those who have no technical knowledge, URL is the abbreviation for, "Uniform Resource Locator ", a this is term that identifies a web site address on the Internet, for example a site URL containing the phrase, "Nuclear submarine" has a higher possible correlation, and thus, a higher possible ranking to the key word search for "Nuclear" than a URL without that key word match or one such as "nuclearsubmarine.etc". There is another way to get exactly the domain name you want, there is a new domain extension that has entered the market being .ws which appropriately stands for website, makes more sense and it will be easier to type in than .com, and this means that there are now more domain names to choose from.