Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Review About How To Register A Website

How to register a website ? is the common question that circulates in every individual's mind, a well chosen domain name is the mark of a professional website. Anyone can register a domain name and it only takes a few minutes, also its a very easy process, the major step in registering a domain name consist of choosing a domain name, finding a reliable domain registrar, registering the domain and finally pointing it to the appropriate name servers of a website. A domain should fall into one of two major categories, it should either be keyword centric or brand centric, keyword centric domains will be focused more on a certain keyword for search engine optimization. There are several companies available that can offer the service of registering a domain name, some companies are also cheaper than others. If your domain name has been already-owned, then try looking for the same name with a different domain extension, some recommended choices are .com, .org, .biz and .net for most business websites.

The maximum character limits for domain name is 67, this doesn't mean that one is supposed to utilize all 67 characters, it is always good to have domain names that are short, crisp and easy to remember. No one is interested in remembering domain names that take an hour to memorize, domain names with the keywords that link to your website are also good, ff the name happens to be long, then technical names are very easy to remember. The one word of advice towards top level domains for a new domain is to stay away from .info domains extension, these top level domains extension may be much less costly than other extensions, but that also makes them a target to be used by spammers.

The final step is to actually register the available domain form registrar, the registrar will generally have to be paid money to complete this action and should be paid for the number of years the registering party intends to keep the website domain name. As soon as your domain name registration gets over, the last step is pointing the domain to a web host's name-servers, this is done in order to resolve a name to an IP address and further an actual website, if the registering party of a domain does not have a website host, most registrars offer that service for a nominal monthly fee.