Monday, 9 July 2012

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Register Website Domain name is the word by which you open that website .When a website is hosted it has to be called . For calling anyone we requires a register a website domain name . Here domain name is that name which helps human to locate any website over the WWW .All domain registration under rules of Domain name system (DNS). Every domain has a IP decided by domain name system server on Internet .

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A good domain name should be easy to type in the browser’s url box and remember and also get it more business . The domain should be unique and must not resemble with any other already present too avoid misspells to consider for choosing domain time . It should contain words as far as possible to selecting a Register Domain . You should avoid using numbers and unnecessary symbols like dash etc for selecting new domain. You can use numbers if required and must but avoid dash its not easy to remember for every user. They make it look bad for your business . The domain should not be too long as typing a long word increases chances of errors reducing your visitors its main point for choosing domain name time .