Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Cheap Domain Registration & Web Hosting Company

There are more than 60 domain names being registered worldwide per second, according to some studies, therefore no doubt, it is crucial to be creative and choosy in case of domain name selection. Being accurate, short and logical does make the domain name catchy and memorable, if a new enterprise needs to register its domain name, it must certainly contact any domain registrar and the process of domain registration is quite simple. Initial step is to decide what kind of domain needs to be acquired which should be relevant to business or service, the most common choices are .com or .net, a company can also opt for .info or .biz for its website. Determine the time period for domain registration as most registrars have certain plans packages which range from one year to ten years and companies are also offered for contract renews once it expires. One more significant factor of domain registration is the cost involved, it is always recommended to snoop around or search for a domain name registration referrals before opting for a registrar. Beware of some reputed and established domain name registrars that will provide you domain registration at rates which are very much expensive than what standard registrars charge.
Selecting a domain name can sometimes be very tricky, however, following are some useful tips that can help result in better traffic and minimize the chances of duplication or piracy.
  • Long register domain names have more tendency to spelling errors while typing into the browser, it is a fallacy that long domain names prone to be more descriptive and it is difficult to remember also, therefore a short but catchy domain name does the best trick for attracting traffic.
  • It is most important to register a name that logically matches the theme or purpose or relevant to the website, example: if a site is all about mobile phones, one should register bestmobilestore.com.etc and even one can use the name of the enterprise as a domain name.
  • Before the domain name registration India process one should always spell check, it is mandatory, however some registrars refund within 5 days of registration if there is something went wrong.