Saturday, 21 July 2012

How to Register Domain Names

A lot of people would like to know how to buy domain names online and the process is really very simple, when you buy a domain name, what you are really buying is the right to use a series of numbers known as IP (Internet Protocol) address. IP address is basically the whereabouts of your information on the internet and a typical IP address look like 223.223.783.19. Previously you have to do is to memorize these digits IP address to visit any particular website, however, as the internet gained popularity this system became unwieldy as more and more IP addresses entered the system. Below mentioned some tips about domain registration India.

Step 1 - Think of a short, simple and unique domain name, a lot of the good domains are already taken and you may end up using a longer name because your original name is not available, this is actually the hardest part of registration.

Step 2- Go to and do a search for some register domain. What you will see when the list loads is a long series of options, some of registrars are fairly popular but they are not the only ones out there, choose one among them and prices can range from fairly inexpensive to not too expensive.

Step 3 - Once you have decided who to buy your domain register through, then go to their website and follow the usually simple instructions. HostingRaja domains has a sign up button right on the main page that leads you through registering your domain name step by step and always remember all you have done is buy a domain name, not space to store your actual content. That is called web hosting and is completely a different thing altogether.