Monday, 2 July 2012

Register A Website : How To?

After getting good response from the blogging series, we have been asked a doubt regarding new domain registration. Now, it is time for us to solve your query by explaining the things in a simple and easy manner for every user. Registering a website is nothing but buying and capturing a register website domain name for your website. So, let us assume that you have bought a new domain very easy with Hosting Raja Plan. Then if any person types the address in the url, he/she will be redirected to the website that is the destination for the register domain.

This is fairly simple with India domain registration company. First choose a good website domain name that is simple and can be remembered by people for a ling time. After getting to an idea about this, choose a domain register.

Many registrars offer almost the same prices but some of them have some special discounts and offer for the first year to register an new domain. For example you can get a .in domain in India for Rupees 99/- For the first year and .org for 99/- at Hosting Raja. Hurry Up! The offer is a limited period offer.

Some good India domain registration company include Hosting Raja, SriGaneshHosting, provide excellent services.

Then go the official page of the domain name register and search for the domain you want to purchase. Now if it available add the product to the cart and fill all the necessary details and pay them very easy steps. You have successfully registered a new website.
The remaining thing is to host and design a new website through India domain registration Services.